Assistant Principal's Report

Coming in 2019… Introducing the ‘Endeavour Program’, Early Dismissal – Friday 29th June 2018 (Final day of Term 2), Student Awards, Uniform Requirements Update.
Wednesday 20th June, 2018.
Assistant Principal.

Coming in 2019… Introducing the ‘Endeavour Program’

A new core subject at Years 7, 8 & 9

In 2019, Fountain Gate Secondary College will introduce a new subject at Years 7, 8 & 9 called Endeavour. Named after one of our values, the Endeavour Program will offer a fresh approach to teaching and learning. Applying a 21st Century STEM based curriculum that will offer students the opportunity to study in a cross-disciplinary, project and problem-based learning environment. Students gain knowledge and skills transferable to their normal classrooms while investigating real-world issues in an engaging student-directed learning environment.

The overarching vision of the Endeavour Program is to allow students to develop skills in investigating, analysing and synthesising information and creating and designing solutions to real world problems. They will also develop the 21st Century skills of creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication.

The Endeavour projects will form part of the core program and will have an overarching major theme that will be framed with a series of driving questions that are open-ended and promote students to investigate, research, collaborate, design and produce a solution to the problem, which they will be required to present to an audience.

The Projects are designed to offer student choice and voice to their studies while developing key competencies that will help students to learn how to take initiative and responsibility, build their confidence, solve problems, work in teams, communicate ideas, and manage themselves more effectively. They are also designed to provide opportunities for students to use technology in authentic ways that reflect what is happening in their wider world.

The new building currently under construction will now be titled the Endeavour Centre and will house this new program. The Endeavour Centre will have ten new flexible learning spaces that will offer limitless learning opportunities. Furthermore, students will have access to amazing new technologies such as a CAD design studio, 3D printers and Laser Cutters.

We are working hard to develop this program and look forward to its implementation in 2019.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Mr Street or Mr Broecker on 8762 6839.

Early Dismissal – Friday 29th June 2018 (Final day of Term 2)

The students will be dismissed at 2.30 pm on Friday 29th June.

Student Awards

Congratulations to the following students who have been working at their very best and have received a Certificate of Achievement.

7A: A. Idrizi

7B: A. Attarian, E. D’Souza, H. Shefa

7C: C. Lincoln, Z. Zaki

7D: T. Pham

7J: H. Sivyer (3)

8H: R. Ahmadi (2)

9G: D. Sember

Uniform Requirements Update

Fountain Gate Secondary College is a uniform College that has been set out by the College School Council. It is a requirement that all students wear the full school uniform, including school shoes, to and from school.

When timetabled for Physical Education or Sport Education classes, all students are required to wear the full Physical Education uniform for Physical Education in Years 7 – 10 and for Sport Education in Years 7 & 8.

On the days when the students do not have Physical Education and Sport Education, they must wear their full school uniform. Students are not permitted to wear the tracksuit pants with their normal school uniform.

The official supplier is PSW Hampton Park, Unit 2/10-12 South Link Dandenong South. Phone: 9768-0343.

Girls School Uniform

Choose from:

Summer - cotton College dress or uniform supplier navy trousers,

Winter – College Skirt or uniform supplier navy trousers

Polo shirt with College logo/Collared white shirt with logo and College tie

Uniform supplier navy shorts/trousers

White/Navy socks

Practical and comfortable black lace up polished traditional school shoes

Navy Blue woollen jumper with College logo.

College school bag

Hat/peaked cap with College logo

Boys School Uniform

Choose from:

Polo shirt with College logo/Collared white shirt with logo and College tie

Uniform supplier navy shorts/trousers

White/Navy socks

Practical and comfortable black lace up polished traditional school shoes

Navy Blue woollen jumper with College logo.

College school bag

Hat/peaked cap with College logo

Unisex Fountain Gate Physical Education Uniform

Choose from:

Fountain Gate PE T Shirt and PE shorts

Fountain Gate navy blue track suit

Comfortable sports shoes

Hat/Peaked cap with College logo

Students must be in full school uniform:

  • During school hours
  • When travelling to and from school, and on excursions (unless given alternative arrangements)
  • When participating in school activities out of school hours
  • Up to and including the last day of school, unless previous arrangements have been made via the newsletter or a letter sent home to parent/guardian

The student’s uniform must be clean, neat and tidy at all times, and worn as intended. Buttons, zips, buckles, laces etc. must be done up and shirts, other than polo shirts must be tucked in. If students are not in the correct uniform, they may be sent home after parents have been contacted, and students may not be permitted to participate in excursions if not in full school uniform. If uniform is not required (eg. Free Dress Days), parents/guardians will be notified in writing.


School shoes - Traditional black, lace-up leather, polishable school shoes are required. Black runners are not acceptable. Girls may wear T Bar sandals which have a solid sole and leather uppers, shoes which are flimsy and similar to ballet slippers will not be permitted. Girls are required to have the buckles secured. If they are broken they must be repaired or replaced. We have a number of areas which require feet to be fully covered e.g. Science Laboratory, Technology Rooms, Home Economics Kitchens for safety reasons. Note: Casual shoes such as Vans which are sold as school shoes do NOT meet our School Uniform Policy.

Note: Hoodies are NOT to be worn at school.

Mr. P. Broecker, Mr. N. Uwins

Assistant Principals

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