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Thursday 14th February, 2019.
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The College has definitely settled into the year, with VCE students preparing for their first rounds of SACs, and all students immersed in the Victorian Curriculum.

Our Year 7s have started the year in their Learning Centre for English and Maths. They have begun the Reciprocal Teaching Program and Writer’s Notebook, and their Maths focus is on Whole Number. Year 8s are also enjoying their brand new Learning Centre, where students are studying the text Holes, Writer’s Notebook and Real Numbers in Maths.

Year 7, 8 and 9 have officially commenced their work in the Endeavour Program, a project and problem-solving approach to real life problems, preparing students for 21 century thinking and skills. They are supported in their learning by state-of-the-art facilities, and passionate and highly-skilled teachers facilitating their learning.

You may notice in the College a strong emphasis on our Instructional Model. This model, developed by staff in 2017, is at the heart of teaching and learning. In enables staff to set clear learning intentions and purpose for every lesson, implement strategies such as modelling, worked examples, feedback, collaborative learning and reflection to progress students and enable them to feel empowered in their learning. All staff use this model in planning and evaluation lessons and units, and the consistency and rigour it enables ensures our student receive the best education possible.

Lastly, on 28th Feb we host our third annual Conference Day. This is a hugely important event on our school Calendar as it gives families real insight into their child’s learning, and helps us work together to give our young people the best start to life. It also allows students to reflect and take charge of their learning, and work towards success in 2019.

When: Thursday 28th Feb 2019

Time: 12:15-8pm

Details: Students must attend in full school uniform with their caregiver, and bring their planner. This is a compulsory conference, contributing to attendance requirements. No classes will run on this day.

To Book:

Please login to Compass and select ‘Book Parent/Teacher Interviews’ to book your appointment.

Alternatively, please contact the Attendance Lines:

Attendance 7/8: 87626822 / Attendance 9/10: 8762 6833 / Attendance VCE: 8762 6844

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