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Good luck to all VCE students, ICAS - More High Distinctions Than Ever, SMR & State Athletics Report, State Athletic Championships & Doxa EAL Camp – Brisbane Ranges
Friday 03rd November, 2017.

Good luck to all VCE students

Good luck to our students who will be sitting their VCE Exams. We are confident our students will do their very best and use this opportunity to show what they have learnt over the past two years.

ICAS - More High Distinctions Than Ever

Fountain Gate’s highest of achievers have reached new levels. Every year our brightest English and Mathematics Year 7 – 9 students compete in the International Competition and Assessment for Schools (ICAS). This year 14 Fountain Gate students were recognised with High Distinctions and Distinction awards, by scoring within the top 1% and 10% amongst all international competitors. These achievements have been our College’s best yet, and we are very proud to be part of these students’ learning journeys.

Congratulations to all the students who competed in the competition.

SMR & State Athletics Report

On Thursday 12th October, we had 12 students representing Fountain Gate Secondary College in the Southern Metropolitan Region Athletics. This was a great achievement by all 12 students who had progressed through from our school carnival to division and now SMR. In familiar windy conditions out at Casey Fields, it was tough conditions for all competitors out on the track and field. Whilst each of our competitors gave it their best shot in their event, we had some outstanding results with a select few progressing through to the State Athletics Championships.

  • Hayley Schneidereit placed a close 2nd in her 15 Girls 90m Hurdles and 100m Dash. This was a great effort and was unlucky not to get a 1st.
  • Nita Opetaia placed 2nd in the Girls 17 Javelin and a dominate 1stin the 17 Girls Shot Put.
  • Aigofie Aigofie placed 1st in the 17 Boys Shot Put. A great effort considering Aigofie has never trained in Javelin before.
  • Antoinette Eli placed 3rd in the 16 Girls Shot Put. Well done!
  • Tyra Boysen placed 3rd in the Girls 16 Discuss.
  • Jack Schneidereit placed 1st in both the 12/13 Boys 100m Dash and 200m Dash. Jack displayed a dominate performance in both of his events and has progressed through to the State Championships.

Congratulations to all of our students who competed in the SMR Athletics:

Hayley Schneidereit
Jack Schneidereit
Tyra Boysen
Aigofie Aigofie
Nayreen Ah Fua
Ebony Mudie
Connor Muric
Antoinette Eli
Nita Opetaia
Liae Tuitagi
Kyezanne Holtzhausen


State Athletic Championships

On Monday 23rd October we had Jack Schneidereit, AIgofie Aigofie and Nita Opetaia who represented the college at the State Athletic Championships at Lakeside Stadium, Albert Park. This is a huge accomplishment from these three students as they competed against the best athletes in the state.

  • Jack Schneidereit placed a very respective 5th in the 100m Dash and 4th in the 200m. A great achievement placing in the top 5 of the state for 12/13 Boys. Jack has a great future ahead of him and we are very lucky to have him representing the college.
  • Nita Opetaia placed 5th for the 17 Girls Shot Put. Again, a top 5 finish for the best in the state. As Nita has never trained in Shot Put before, this is a massive achievement and is being strongly encouraged to pursue some technical training in shot put for the future.
  • Aigofie Aigofie missed his event due to family reasons unfortunately. Based on his throw of 41.99m at SMR, Aigofie also would have placed in the top 5 at State level. Like Nita, Javelin was an event Aigofie just wanted to have a go at and has ended up progressing through to State level. Well done! Aigofie is also considering pursuing training in Javelin for the future.

I would like to congratulate all students who competed at SMR and progressed through to State level. Each student represented the college to a very high level and it is an accomplishment that you should all be very proud of.


Doxa EAL Camp – Brisbane Ranges

From Wednesday 18th October – Friday 20th October, 20 Year 9 and Year 10 Fountain Gate Secondary College students and 2 staff, Mr Hughes and Miss Hamidi, attended the Doxa EAL Camp in the Brisbane Ranges. This is the second year this camp has run, and it is specifically for English as an Additional Language students. The purpose of the camp is to provide students who are new migrants with an outdoor education experience.

Our students travelled by train to Southern Cross station, and then by train to Bacchus Marsh station. There we met the three Doxa camp leaders who would journey with us for the next three days. Every student was provided with a hiking pack, a raincoat, rain pants, a sleeping bag, a sleeping mat, a bowl, cutlery, water bottles, gators and a head torch. Tents and cooking equipment were also provided and shared amongst the students and staff.

Due to park restrictions around numbers allowed per campsite, the group was divided into two groups of 10 students each, and we all travelled by bus to the Brisbane Ranges, north of Geelong. Group 1 was dropped off at one end of a 20 km hiking track, and Group 2 was then dropped off at the other end of the track. The groups walked toward each other, enjoying lunch together on the second day, and then hiking in opposite directions thereafter.

Over the three days, students learnt camp craft, navigation and wilderness cooking skills while also building resilience through team challenge. The terrain was variable and sometimes quite rugged, and the scenery was spectacular in parts. Students experienced all types of weather: hot and dry on the first day, rainy and muggy on the second and cool and clear on the third. A number of native animals were spotted, including kangaroos, wallabies, koalas, possums, sugar gliders and even a red-bellied black snake (we kept clear of that one!)

The students did a fantastic job helping one another and overcoming the challenges that come with hiking through a rugged wilderness, and the feedback from Doxa staff was that this was one of the most respectful groups they have ever worked with.

We hope to run the camp again in 2018.

Mr Stephen Hughes
EAL Domain Leader

Doxa Camp

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