Catering for Individual Differences

There are three levels of recognition:

Certificate of Merit

Awarded by the student’s classroom teacher for excellent achievements, consistent effort, good deeds or assisting staff and their peers in an outstanding manner.

Certificate of Achievement

Awarded by the Sub School Leader when a student receives 5 ‘Certificates of Merit’.

Principal's Award

Awarded by the Principal when a student receives 5 ‘Certificates of Achievement’ and is presented at a whole school assembly.

EAL (English as an Additional Language)

Fountain Gate Secondary College has a well-established EAL program. We offer EAL classes at every year level, including VCE EAL, and our teachers are highly qualified and very experienced. Our EAL classes are kept relatively small to ensure that students gain as much language support as possible, and our EAL students are also supported by multicultural education aides. In addition, EAL students at Fountain Gate Secondary College are able to participate in a range of extra-curricular activities including the EAL Doxa Adventure Camp, an EAL pathways information session for Year 9 and Year 10 students and a transition process monitored by the EAL Domain Laeder and Assistant Pincipal.

Learning Enrichment Programs

Fountain Gate Secondary College has a number of programs to assist students with special learning needs. Specific literacy and numeracy programs have been developed to enhance the students’ confidence and skills in these areas. The students are identified through a combination of tests such as On Demand, NAPLAN, PAT, Torch and teacher observations. Students are provided with a targeted national program and their progress is closely monitored. We are committed to improving student performance in the areas of literacy and numeracy.


Fountain Gate Secondary College has a well developed and highly successful Integration Program where students are supported both in and out of the classroom setting either with the support of an Aide or other resources as required. Achievable goals are set for each student and the work is modified to suit the needs of the student. Student Support Meetings with parents are held each term. Allied health professionals such as Educational Psychologists, Speech Pathologists and Occupational Therapists attend the school and work with students requiring assistance.

Gifted & Talented Students

Fountain Gate Secondary College has a ‘High Achievers Program’ which operates at the Year 7-10 levels. Students are selected for the program using a variety of methods, such as selection exams, teacher observations, student portfolios and interviews. The ‘High Achievers Program’ provides an individualised curriculum that has been designed with an emphasis on enhancing the student’s ability to work with abstract concepts, problem solving, extend analytical and creative talents and to work both independently and as part of a team.